The Riviera is more than just the seaside

The Queen of the Adriatic is surrounded by a beautiful, fascinating hinterland that is rich in history, just waiting to be discovered. There are many castles, fortresses and towns that should be visited, only a short distance from the sea and ideal for anyone who wishes to come into contact with nature, loves history and ancient traditions. Take a break from the sea to experience the peace and wonderful landscapes of the cultivated hills stretching as far as the eye can see, a trip to the hinterland along the border between Romagna and the Marche is really an ideal trip. The areas that are worthy of a visit are:


If regenerating walks under ancient olive trees and large vineyards is what you are after, then stop off in Coriano, take a long walk in the park along the Marano River or along the Rio Melo Valley. The town is famous for its Olive Fair in autumn and the Sangiovese Fair in August.


Mondaino has a lovely circular piazza with a neo-classic portico, where the famous “Palio del Daino” is held. This is a medieval feast that takes place every year in the third week of August where the entire town and its inhabitants is portrayed as it was in Medieval times. The Church of San Michele and the Monastery of the Poor Clares and Saint Francis (“Clarisse e San Francesco”) are really worth a visit.

Montefiore Conca

The town is characterised by numerous shops selling arts and crafts and worked using the crafts of the past. The Malatesta Fortress looming over the town is well worth a visit. Important fairs held in the town are: ‘Health Fair, in July, “Moonlit Fortress”, also in July and the ‘Chestnut Fair, in October.


This is a delightful medieval hamlet, perfectly restored, containing a lovely castle built by the Malatesta family and a church dedicated to Saint Rocco where there is a valuable painting by Cagnacci. Many types of oil are produced here, making the small town famous throughout the Peninsula.


The ancient Malatesta fortress of Montescudo deserves to be visited if only to look at the Crucifix in the Parish Church of S. Biagio and Simone. In August a lovely “Potato Fair” is held in Montescudo.


This small town is famous for two events held at the of April and during the first week of August. These are the “Salus Erbae” dealing with biological products, and the “’Ottocento Festival”, a wonderful re-enactment with theatre performances, music, shows and food and wine.

San Giovanni in Marignano

In S. Giovanni the nineteenth century “Teatro Massari”, the Church of Santa Lucia and the Church of San Pietro are not to be missed. The town is also well known for its characteristic “Festa delle Streghe” (Witches Fair), held every year at the summer solstice.